Some things this year have been very different. Other things less so. One thing that hasn’t changed are yearbook deadlines. 

In order to create a successful yearbook, and to do so smoothly, setting yearbook deadlines is an important step. Even if you’ve not had a deadline yet – the first deadline will be imminent!

For some people, the first yearbook deadline is a memorable experience. It marks the point at which the character, feel, and voice of your yearbook is beginning to take shape. 

To help you meet your yearbook deadlines successfully, here are a few questions to consider:

Does your yearbook staff know their tasks and responsibilities? 

Creating a yearbook requires team effort. You probably already have your yearbook staff members for the year. Each person will have a set of responsibilities. These may include yearbook advisor, managing editor, layout, fundraising, sales, and more

Make sure that your yearbook staff members know what their tasks and responsibilities are. Also make sure that everyone is aware of the various yearbook deadlines that are approaching. A clear understanding of tasks and responsibilities will help make sure you meet your deadlines with ease. 

Is your yearbook staff trained to do the jobs you’re asking them to do?  

It can be tempting to spend every day mentoring your yearbook staff. But that’s not practical or realistic! Effectively training your yearbook staff helps to empower them, and it frees up your time. 

For tips on how to train your yearbook staff, please click here

Does your yearbook staff know what high quality work should look like? 

To make your yearbook truly memorable, it has to be high quality! Make sure that your yearbook staff knows what high quality work should look like. Provide examples of well-written and structured stories. Discuss and provide examples of good photography.

Have you allocated enough time to produce high quality work? 

Along with understanding what high quality work looks like, it’s important for your yearbook staff to have enough time to produce that work. Make sure you’re planning in advance. Keep an open dialogue about upcoming tasks and deadlines, to avoid any last-minute scrambles. 

Have you planned for regular team catch-ups?

Each yearbook deadline will correspond to a different element of your yearbook. When you’ve met your deadline, have you planned for a team catch-up and debrief? 

Make sure to encourage conversation amongst your yearbook staff after each deadline. Discuss what worked, and what could be improved upon. This will make your next deadline easier to meet. 

Are you providing the right level of support?

Even the most experienced yearbook staffers may at some point require additional support. Are you making sure that your staffers have access to the support that they may need?

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