It takes a team to create an amazing yearbook. Persistence, passion and patience are key when putting together a yearbook that will be loved for years to come. Picking the right team is one way to help ensure the success of your yearbook.

But who does what? We’re looking at some of the key roles for yearbook staff, as well as some of their primary responsibilities.

Yearbook Staff – Roles & Responsibilities

Yearbook Advisor – The role of a yearbook advisor is effectively to direct the yearbook. Yearbook advisors are commonly teachers, another member of your school’s staff or a volunteer PTA parent. Their role is to advise and provide guidance and direction on the yearbook. Yearbook advisors will generally help develop a yearbook’s theme and style. Your yearbook advisor will also work with YearbookLife to finalize the submission details on publishing and printing.

Managing Editor – A managing editor will be responsible for the development of your yearbook’s content. They will help supervise the content that is going into your yearbook, helping to lead the content team themselves. A managing editor will be responsible for a final check of your yearbook before it gets submitted to the yearbook advisor.

Layout Editor – A layout editor leads your yearbook’s design team. They’ll work closely with the managing editor in outlining your yearbook’s layout and overall design. Your layout editor can take advantage of the software options available from YearbookLife, and may decide to train and coach additional staff members in their use and application.

Designer – A yearbook designer will work with the layout editor to prepare yearbook spreads. The designer will be responsible for editing photos and copy in the yearbook, including labeling and cropping where needed.

Copy Editor – A copy editor will check your yearbook for spelling and grammatical errors. They’ll also be responsible for fact checking, and will work with the managing editor to develop interesting and factual copy for your yearbook.

Reporter / Writer – Your yearbook reporter will provide ideas of events to cover, as well as copy to enhance the overall yearbook. Yearbook reporters will work to the same standards as journalists, including interviewing subjects and researching stories. Reporters will generally follow a set style guide.

Photo Editor – The photo editor is in control of your yearbook’s photography. They will help in the training and development of yearbook photographers. Your photo editor will also be responsible for ensuring that a photographer is present at any school events that may need coverage. The photo editor will also be responsible for ensuring that every student’s photo is in your yearbook, and that there is even coverage of all the groups across your school. They will also ensure that photos and images are appropriately tagged.

Photographer – Your yearbook photographer(s) will work with your photo editor to capture great photos for your yearbook. You’re likely going to see them at school events capturing the action shots, or perhaps more candid around-the-hall shots.

Index Editor – The index editor is responsible for maintaining an accurate list of people in your school. This includes student and staff! This information is then used to help develop your yearbook index, where photos and photo captions are referenced. It’s a great role for someone who is detail-oriented.

Business Manager – Your yearbook’s business manager will be responsible for developing the budget as well as supervising your yearbook sales campaign. The business manager will also be responsible for managing fundraising events.

Advertising Manager – An advertising manager will be responsible for setting up sales contracts and coordinating with potential advertisers. They will oversee all advertising revenue. An advertising manager will work closely with the business manager. 

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