Fundraising is an important part of any yearbook committee’s job. Funds are needed for more than just to cover the cost of the yearbook itself. Additional expenses can include workshops, equipment, software, or even a team pizza night! 

The basic costs of your yearbook should be covered by yearbook sales, as well as ad revenue. By basic costs, we’re talking about the costs to print your yearbook. And let’s be honest, these costs rise every year. Your yearbook fundraising needs to be able to keep up.

Finding new and fun ways to raise funds for your yearbook may seem like a challenge. Perhaps you’ve already explored the more traditional fundraising ideas, like a bake sale. This year, you’re looking for something a little different! 

At YearbookLife, we’ve been helping school’s create unique, memorable yearbooks for over 20 years. Throughout that time, we’ve learned some tips and tricks to help with your yearbook fundraising. Give it a try yourself with these school yearbook fundraising ideas.

Yearbook Fundraising Ideas

Some of the best yearbook fundraising ideas involve thinking outside the box. We’ve browsed success stories, and learned from our own experience. Try out some of these yearbook fundraising ideas for your school. 

  1. Sell Empty Space – We’ve all run into the problem. A blank page in your yearbook, that you don’t know what to fill with. Often, we default to throwing some candid photos in there just to fill it. Instead of thinking of a blank page as wasted space, consider it an opportunity. Give students an option to buy the candid space to highlight the photos that they want to feature. Charge per photo or per person in each picture. Suddenly, a wasted page has become a nice way to raise additional yearbook funds. 
  1. Use Your Assets – *Snap snap*. Taking pictures and yearbooks go hand in hand. But there are a lot of photos that don’t make the final cut! Instead of letting them sit in a folder hidden away on the cloud, give people an option to purchase these. Put together CDs or USBs with some outtakes, and give people the option to buy them! 

Other traditional yearbook fundraising ideas include: 

  1. Food Catalogs – Who doesn’t love a tasty snack? Sometimes a bit of sugar is the welcome boost that we all need in the middle of the afternoon. Use this as an opportunity to raise additional yearbook funds. Some things that you could consider selling include: Gourmet popcorn fundraisers, Candy fundraisers & Bake sale fundraisers.
  1. Take Advantage of Existing Facilities – Does your school have a canteen that serves refreshments during sporting events? Speak to your school administration, and see if using this canteen for a bit of time either before or after school would be an option. One yearbook advisor in Illinois tried this approach, using the school canteen for 30 minutes each day before class. Selling coffee, muffins and other drinks they were able to raise $5,000 in profit in one year!

These 4 school yearbook fundraising ideas can be a fun and unique way to raise extra money for your yearbook. If you’re looking for some help with marketing and selling your yearbook, check out the YearbookLife Marketing Supplies Store

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