The Yearbooks are Here!… Now What?

The day you’ve been working towards for months is finally here. The yearbooks have arrived! So how do you get them into the hands of the students? Here are some tips to help you have an organized and successful distribution day.


Once you’ve submitted your yearbook design to your publisher, you will know when to expect your yearbooks to be delivered, and you can arrange a plan to announce the distribution date to students and families.

Pre-Planning Tips:

  • Check the School Calendar: Determine the most opportune distribution date(s); avoid testing weeks, senior last day, and end-of-year event times.
  • Announce the Date: Get the word out via email, robocalls, flyers, and announcements.
  • Set Up Sales Tables: Place tables in populated areas where students can pre-purchase any additional yearbooks you may have ordered.
  • Notify Families: Inform families on how they can pre-purchase any additional yearbooks.

Pro Tip: Ensure you don’t oversell any additional yearbooks; know the quantity of extra books you’ve ordered and monitor the count. Be sure that the count does not include any yearbooks that may have been ordered as school copies or gifts to staff or sponsors.


The anticipated yearbook distribution date should be announced ahead of time and often. Remember that the day is not only for the distribution of pre-ordered books, but also the start of your second sales season for any extra books you may have ordered.

  • Make Daily Announcements: Start at least a week ahead of time.
  • Put Up Posters: Advertise the date around the school.
  • Remind Students: Ask teachers to remind students.
  • Send Emails: Email families that purchased the yearbook.


The books will come in many boxes and need to be stored safely between delivery and distribution day. You’ll also want to perform quality control on those boxes and books upon receipt.

  • Solicit Help: Trustworthy students, staff, or volunteers can help review and sort your yearbooks.
  • Check Personalized Books: Match them against your master sales list to ensure all personalized books are accounted for.
  • Count the Boxes: Confirm you received all the books you ordered.
  • Sort Books: Organize the books for distribution alphabetically or by homeroom teacher.

D-DAY! It’s Distribution Day… Get organized!

For mass distribution, where students line up to pick up their books, you’ll need tables and posters. For homeroom distribution, organize boxes by class.

Mass Distribution:

  • Print a Master List: Know who bought a yearbook and who didn’t.
  • Divide Tables and Lines: Create lines based on last name (e.g., A-E in one line, F-O in another, etc.). Personalized books should have a separate line.
  • Get Volunteers: Have student or staff volunteers help direct students to the correct line. Ensure trustworthy students and staff work the tables.
  • Confirm Pick Up: Students should sign their names next to their name on the list to confirm pick up. Check their Student ID against the master list.
  • No Proxy Pick-Ups: No student should pick up someone else’s yearbook unless permitted by administration.

Homeroom Distribution:

  • Print a Master List: Sort it by teacher last name.
  • Edit the List: Ensure every teacher has their own page.
  • Sort Books: Organize books into boxes for each teacher. Include the list in or on the box, and have volunteers deliver the boxes to classrooms on the distribution date. Don’t forget to include any personalized books.
  • Teacher Sign-Off: Ask the teacher to sign for receipt of the boxes and the quantity of books.

Other Important Tips:

  • Label Your Books: Have students write their names on the inside cover immediately upon distribution.
  • Stop Extra Sales Early: Avoid overselling extra books before the event.
  • Be Prepared for Inquiries: Have your master list and copies of any receipts available. Ask for proof of purchase if necessary. Pro-Tip: Using an online storefront? Every purchaser should receive an emailed receipt.
  • Follow Up on Unclaimed Yearbooks: Reach out to students who haven’t claimed their yearbooks and arrange a pick-up time and place.

The yearbook is a large-scale project for any yearbook class or parent organization. You are not only creating a product, you’re marketing, selling, and distributing it. Of course, you want the distribution to run smoothly and ensure that every student who purchased a book gets that book! Pre-planning and organizing for the event will be key. A team of people and patience will be crucial to a successful distribution event.

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