Summer is just around the corner. Long, lazy summer days relaxing with friends and family. It’s definitely something to look forward to! 

As the relaxed atmosphere of summer sets in, it can be easy to forget about planning ahead. School, homework, even yearbooks can all wait. Right? You may be tempted to think so. But let’s be realistic. Procrastinating now can make for a panicked and stressful rush when it comes to crunch time. 

When it comes to planning ahead for your yearbook, a few simple steps is all it takes. Here are 3 yearbook planning steps yearbook advisors should take for next year. 

3 Yearbook Planning Steps

At YearbookLife, we’ve been helping schools create unforgettable yearbooks for over 20 years. And we want to help yearbook advisors like you, create an unforgettable yearbook. 

Our experience has taught us a few things. This includes things that yearbook advisors should be planning in advance. Here’s our top 3 recommended yearbook planning steps to take for next year. 

Review Last Year’s Yearbook

You’ve finished the final proof of your yearbook. Captions have been written. Photos have been sourced. Content has been checked and rechecked. Finally, your yearbook is complete! 

Rather than kicking your feet up and relaxing, this is actually a great time to plan ahead for next year’s yearbook. Why? The process is fresh in your mind! Ask yourself: 

What processes worked? 

Was there one particular process that really, really worked? Perhaps it was how you had organized your yearbook team. Perhaps it was crowdsourcing your school for yearbook ideas. 

Whatever the successes, mark these down. You’ll want to replicate your success with the next year’s yearbook!

What didn’t work? 

Equally, think about what didn’t work. Did you have enough time to thoroughly proofread your yearbook? Did you get enough content from students and staff? 

Understanding what didn’t work will also help you in the coming year. 

Start Planning Your Yearbook Committee

Although it’s still too early to actively recruit new students or volunteers, it’s not too early to start planning! You’ll want to have a clear idea of the roles you need covered in your yearbook committee. These will likely include: 

  • Editor in Chief
  • Assistant Editor
  • Photographer
  • Journalist
  • Sales People
  • Yearbook Designers
  • Copy Editor
  • Yearbook Marketers
  • Treasurer

By defining how you want your yearbook committee structured, it’s easier to assign your yearbook staff to appropriate roles. Remember to consider your yearbook committee from the current year. Did you feel that there were any areas that needed additional support? 

Find a Yearbook Publisher

Your yearbook publisher is one of the most important decisions you can make when creating a yearbook. An experienced yearbook publisher can help you create an unforgettable yearbook. They can help advise you on the entire yearbook process, from design to sales.

Consider the relationship you had with your yearbook publisher this year. Did you feel that you were getting the support you needed? Did you feel that there was perhaps more support required? 

Research various yearbook publishers, and you’ll find some offer far more services than others. You may need a yearbook publisher who can: 

  • Provide help with yearbook themes
  • Give you access to free yearbook software to create your yearbook 
  • Provide yearbook marketing support
  • Offer unlimited training and tech support
  • Provide specialty cover options
  • Use only one deadline
  • Provide free shipping

The right yearbook publisher does so much more than print your yearbook. They can provide an immersive support structure to make your yearbook a success. 

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