The end of the school year is approaching. Many of us are looking forward to the long days of summer. At YearbookLife, we’re enjoying our favorite time of the year too: yearbook printing season! 

That means only one thing: It’s almost time for your yearbooks to be delivered. We’re excited already, are you?  

If your parents and students aren’t yet excited about the yearbook, they soon will be! 

3 Ways to Get Parents & Students Excited About the Yearbook

When it comes to marketing your yearbook, you may have focused your efforts on the student body. While this is a good yearbook marketing technique, it’s important to remember that you actually have a much bigger audience.

In many cases, it’s likely to be the students’ parents who will be purchasing the yearbook. With this in mind, it’s important to get parents as excited about the yearbook as the students are! This can help boost your yearbook sales. But it’s also a great way for parents and students alike to eagerly await the ability to reflect on a year full of memories. 

1.) Email

It’s easy to speak to the student body about the yearbooks when you are face to face with them every day. But what about parents? Technology gives you a great opportunity to connect with them. 

Email marketing is an effective way of reaching a far wider audience. You may find that your school has an available email list for parents. But how can you build up their excitement for the yearbook? Why not try: 

  • Sneak peeks – Ramp up excitement by sharing sneak peeks of your yearbook. Recently completed a spread on a big school event? Send out an email with a sneak peek. It will leave parents and students wanting more!
  • Behind the scenes – There’s a lot of work that goes into a yearbook. Help share the journey by providing some behind the scenes insights. 
  • Ask for content – We’ve previously looked at how you can crowdsource for yearbook content. Getting parents involved with this can give you a whole host of additional content to really give your yearbook that unique touch. 

2.) Social Media

While email is a great way to get informative content in front of an audience, it’s not the only way. Most of us have smartphones these days, and enjoy spending time on social media. 

This provides you with another opportunity to ramp up excitement about your yearbook. Just like with emails, try sharing some additional content on social media. You can learn more about increasing school yearbook engagement with social media here

Make sure your calendar includes the small and large deadlines. You want your final yearbook deadline front and center of mind. Try writing it at the top of your calendar, so everyone is reminded as the date gets closer. 

 3.) Student Excitement

If your students are excited about the yearbook, they’re going to speak to their parents about it! Help build up excitement among the student body by: 

  • Sending reminders about yearbook deadlines.
  • Being clear about the yearbook release date.
  • Encouraging yearbook sales as early as possible.

You can also help to boost further excitement by sending the student body home with flyers about the yearbook. Aim to do this about once a month, and make sure that it’s included in the student’s take home folder. This ensures that parents are reading the necessary information about your yearbook!

At YearbookLife, We’re Here to Help

At YearbookLife, we offer marketing assistance to all our customers, including free email marketing, social media templates, and take home flyers. If you’re looking for some additional yearbook marketing support, our experienced customer care team is on hand to help you market your yearbook and increase your yearbook sales. To request a quote today, please click here.