The school yearbook is more than just a collection of photos. It’s the capturing of a moment in time, a memorial to a year that will soon be a distant memory. In today’s digital, social media-focused world, we sometimes forget the value of the keepsake. Something that does not belong to a tech platform that is owned by a large corporation or lives on a smartphone that can be hacked, misplaced or damaged before things make it to the “cloud.”

Why Buying a School Yearbook Matters

1.) It’s the record of the entire year.

Of course, the students will have some photos on their smartphone camera of events, parties and school gatherings. The yearbook, however, is an all-encompassing account of the entire school year. Unless photography is the student’s hobby and passion, it’s unlikely that anyone individual will be able to capture every event in so much detail. Even if there are a bevy of personal photos taken, they won’t be laid out with dates and descriptions for the time in the future when these moments have long since been forgotten.

2.) There’s nothing that will show everything as it does.

To further the point made above, there’s nothing that will show everything like a yearbook does. The events that you are unable to attend, the events that you are unable to take your own photos of (for example, the game that you played in or the play that you performed in). Not to mention, it will show what your friends and classmates were up to when you were busy doing other things.

3.) It creates a way for students to connect beyond digital.

Did you refer to someone as an “Instagram friend” or find that you haven’t actually seen some of your online connections IRL (in real life) for so long you can’t remember the last time? The school yearbook creates an avenue for students to connect over something beyond social media such as Instagram and Snapchat.

4.) It can become a family keepsake.

It may be hard for the tenth grader to see, but his or her school yearbook can become a family keepsake that is handed down to future generations. It can also facilitate lots of family fun. (Who doesn’t want to have a good laugh about their mom or dad’s crazy haircut from high school?)

5.) It can help with future planning.

Buying your yearbooks can help remind you of the connections you made during high school, as well as act as a reminder of all the things that you were up to during your high school career. You may have a photographic record of awards or find a reminder of a connection that can help you as you network as an adult.

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