At YearbookLife, we’re always looking for ways to enhance your yearbook creation experience. We’re also focused on improving our customer experience. That’s why YearbookLife offers online school storefronts. 

What is an Online School Storefront?

YearbookLife’s online school storefronts are a convenient way to allow parents, students and staff to purchase their yearbooks online

Reasons to set up Your Online School Storefront

There are a number of reasons to set up an online school storefront. Here are just a few! 

Maximize Yearbook Sales

An online storefront can give you a head start when it comes to selling your yearbook. Maximize your yearbook sales by starting earlier in the year.

Easier Tracking & Administration

With YearbookLife’s online storefront, you can track all the sales of your yearbook in one place. Sales are processed online, meaning you don’t need to worry about a yearbook advisor collecting money! It’s a more accurate, streamlined way to collect money and track sales.

How To Get Your Online School Storefront Set Up

It’s simple to get your online school storefront set up. We would just need a few details from you, including:

  • What price do you want to charge for your yearbooks?
  • What is your yearbook sales deadline date?
  • A direct ship to home option may also be available.

Understanding your requirements will help us set up your storefront. If you’d like further details, please email us today at

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