You’ve probably already heard that planning a yearbook takes time. It’s true; the earlier you get started on your yearbook creation process, the easier the process will be. One thing that is important to consider is the cost of your yearbook. Yearbook costs can fluctuate each year based on design enhancements selected.

When it’s time to gather up all of those amazing school memories, it can sometimes be difficult to convince teenagers to rush out and order a yearbook. But there is a whole different demographic of folks who might be interested in purchasing memories of our school age students – Parents!

Selling yearbooks to parents is a great opportunity to ensure some of those important memories live on. Even if our kids and students aren’t compelled to snatch one up, their parents will be!

We’ve got some great ideas to help entice parents to sign up on the order form for upcoming yearbook sales. 

Selling Yearbooks to Parents – Tips and Ideas to Sell 

Here are some great reasons to purchase a yearbook as a parent. Plus, ways you can help your school promote yearbook sales.

  • Encourage students to purchase for family – Promote to your friends and family that supporting your student by purchasing a yearbook can help older members of your family see what your student has been doing all year. Those memories last a lifetime and grandparents will love it!
  • They’ll appreciate the memories…someday! – Even if your student doesn’t seem interested in purchasing a yearbook now, it can be a unique and memorable gift later on. When we’re young we sometimes don’t realize the value in seeing our life experiences in print. Let’s face it, school can have a lot of fantastic memories. By emphasizing the importance of those memories, parents might want to sign up for a few!
  • Utilize incentives – By offering coupons to various activities or even special “early bird” discounts, you can capture those parents that aren’t always active participants at school events. 
  • Build up anticipation – Hand out fliers, hang posters – build the anticipation by giving sneak peaks. Send things home, post on school social media, and use your email lists and parent contact lists to alert parents that yearbook time is upon them.
  • Use existing digital avenues – Advertise on school websites, use social platforms, email lists and even call lists. These are great ways to alert parents that yearbooks are coming.
  • Give frequent sneak peeks! – If you can, by utilizing fliers, digital avenues and even parent meetings, you can give parents a taste of the great content you’ve created to offer. This can help generate buzz for yearbook sales.

When it comes to it, we live in an age where Instagram and social media apps are king. By compelling parents to hang on to something tangible that they can potentially gift their kids as they get older, you can capture sales in a unique way. Just remember that apps and social media are ever changing, but a yearbook is forever!

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