As the yearbook season approaches, you might be looking for ways to boost the excitement surrounding yearbook sales. Generating a buzz around your yearbook sales in order to get your students and parents to purchase the yearbook is key. Things like posting relevant yearbook sales information on social media, doing giveaways and contests, and printed materials can help you achieve your yearbook sales goals.

How to Generate Yearbook Sales Buzz 

If you’re wondering how you can generate yearbook sales buzz, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a few tips to help with your yearbook marketing this year.

  • Print marketing – Printing flyers, using A-frame signs or large print vinyl posters or signs using colorful text and even selected photos from your yearbook can draw attention to the upcoming sale. You can put blurbs in any newsletters and announcements you may put out to your parent or student body, as well.
  • Email – Email lists for parents can be a great way to boost your yearbook sale numbers. Often times, parents are not aware that yearbooks are available – keeping them in the know might mean they’ll get one for themselves. 
  • Use humor – We live in a time where memes rule the world! Sprinkling memes in your emails, on your posters and on social media is a great way to draw attention to your pitch. A well thought out meme is worth its weight in gold.
  • Social media – It’s not uncommon for schools to maintain their own social media accounts. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, using your well maintained social platforms to post about your upcoming sales should help get the visibility out there. 
  • Run contests – Winning a free yearbook or even bigger prizes when your students, parents and staff place their orders will certainly generate some positive buzz around ordering time. Make it simple but it’s something you can share in your email, social and print media marketing plans.
  • Display sample photos – You can print out or share some of the photo selections you made throughout your school or on social media. 
  • Ask for ideas – Before it’s even time to publish your yearbook, asking your student body and staff for fun or new ideas to add to your yearbook content. Letting students feel included can definitely up the odds they’ll want to purchase one!
  • Make a video – It’s true, in this day and age, video is king! Create a fun video with clips of images you chose, events you’ll cover and other great content from your yearbook and spread around the fun! It can be shared on social and in email!
  • Tables at school events – It’s easy enough to do. Set up a table and be present at sporting, fundraising and other school related events. Making yourself visible is truly the best way to boost your school’s yearbook sales.

The goal is to get yearbooks in the hands of your staff, students, and their parents. If you generate enough excitement and get your student buy in, you should have no issues at all boosting your yearbook sales and getting everyone’s attention.

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