Today we want to give you some tips on creating the best yearbook cover,. What options do you have? Are you doing custom endsheets? What’s it all cost?

The cover is the most important first impression you will have for the entire yearbook. You cover may be the determining factor if someone will even purchase the yearbook.

Take time to review as many ideas as possible and have your yearbook representative describe ALL of you cover treatments and options.

Allow everyone involved to be apart of the decision-making process. Some great ideas will come from people you’d least expect.

There are two basic yearbook cover styles – soft cover and hard cover. With hard covers normally you have tree binding types:

Library Bound or Side Sewn – Most common in everyday printing

Smyth Sewn – Lays Flatter. Seen in high schools

PUR bound – Glue

Softcover – Saddle Stitched and Perfect Bound-PUR

The parts of a hard cover are:

Front board – The front of the yearbook. Most of the design will take place here.

Spine – On the spine of the yearbook –Usually includes the year of publication, name of school, maybe the volume number and or city and state and publication name.

Back board – Back of the yearbook. Rarely incorporates any of the specialty design like foiling, embossing. May include logo and continue the theme from front.

Some of the cover features available to you are:




Die Cuts


Student Designed  Art

Spot UV


Don’t forget Endsheets :

Endsheets are the thick paper attached to both the inside of the cover and the printed pages of the yearbook. You will notice that this hard paper is either left blank in a choice of color or white for autographs from the student body, or it is designed in one or two inks or in full color.

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