In today’s episode we are going to talk once more about what to include in your yearbook when you may not have students in the school or maybe you’re in school but there’s no photographer or school related events. I’m going to point you to 101 ideas you can include in your yearbook.

Yes, your yearbook may be smaller this year but there’s still a whole lot of content you can add to make this a one of kind yearbook. I’ll show you how on this week’s episode of YearbooksLive. So, sit back relax and let’s get into it.

With Covid-19, this is year is like no other and many schools may not have portrait photos because there is no photographer allowed at the school. In many counties, the districts have banned the photographer from entering the building and in others only a portion of the students are at the school so there’s very few students to take school photos. Without portraits, events or students it makes it more difficult to do a yearbook. You can download this PDF at on the Yearbooklife website at…. Take a look at this comprehensive guide to help you with content ideas for this year’s yearbook.

This could be a really cool and unique yearbook. One like they will never have again. Don’t pass up the opportunity to offer your students this special keepsake. They will thank you later.

The yearbook is just as important this year as any other. As much as we’d like to forget 2020, in 10 years it will be fascinating to look back on this school year and the yearbook is a perfect place to do that.

So Until next week happy yearbooking.