Creating a yearbook is a process, and it helps to have support along the way. Not only is it important to assemble the right yearbook staff, choosing the right yearbook publisher is equally important. There are a host of yearbook publishers out there; a simple Google search will yield many results! Learning what resources are available when creating your yearbook can help you whittle down the results to find the right publisher for you. 

5 Yearbook Publisher Resources You Should Be Using

Yearbook Design Software

Creating a high quality yearbook takes more than the right copy and right photos. A yearbook that will truly pop off the page requires the right yearbook design software. When you’re selecting your yearbook publisher, consider what software they offer to help you design and create your yearbook. Do they give you flexibility on page designs? Can you create your own, bespoke yearbook? Are there templates available for you to use?

At YearbookLife, we provide free easy-to-use yearbook software to you create a spectacular school yearbook that you will remember for years to come. Our software includes a robust art library with an array of backgrounds, templates and clip art, to assist you in designing the most creative yearbook you’ve ever had.

Customer Service & Support

While you’re creating your yearbook, you’re probably going to have questions. While most yearbook publishers will offer a level of customer service, finding a yearbook publisher that goes above and beyond is important.

Your yearbook publisher should provide you with online, email and phone support, and be prepared to help you throughout your yearbook journey. The best yearbook publishers will also offer you ongoing support, training opportunities, and even some advice about the yearbook creation process such as tips on moments you should capture for your school yearbook.

Personalization & Other Enhancement Options

Your school yearbook should be unique. The best way to ensure that you are able to create a unique and memorable yearbook is to find a yearbook publisher that offers a variety of options when it comes to personalizing your yearbook. This includes specialty cover options, custom backgrounds, and design art, just to name a few. 

Marketing Resources

Once you’ve settled on your yearbook layout and design, it’s time to think about marketing. How are you planning on marketing & selling your yearbook? Will you use posters around the school? Perhaps you’re more drawn to the idea of flyers, or even online marketing.

A good yearbook publisher will not only offer you tips and advice on the best ways to market and sell your yearbook, but they will also provide you with helpful resources along the way, including posters, flyers, and online yearbook sales support.

Also find out if they have an online storefront where parents and students can go to purchase yearbooks online. This makes the purchasing process more secure and easier for parents and also means less accounting work on your end.

Fast Delivery

When you’ve finalized your yearbook, the next step is getting it delivered. Longer production and delivery times require earlier deadlines, which means some spring activities may not be included and the amount of time you have to finalize your yearbook may be reduced. Finding a yearbook publisher that offers a fast delivery gives you more time to include spring events and focus on the details. 

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