Knowing which moments to capture for school yearbooks is important – after all, we want to remember every detail of their childhood! We’ve put together some great ideas and events that are perfect for capturing yearbook moments below.

Capturing moments for yearbooks can fall on students, teachers, other staff and especially parents! Attending school events is obviously the most ideal time to get photos, but there are day to day candid shots from classrooms and school life that can show great times, too. Here are some fun ideas to keep your eye out for if you plan on capturing some yearbook moments this school year.

  • Fundraising events – these events are great for people to snap candid photos of students doing great things. Get great action shots with smiles, transactions, signs, posters and the goods they’re selling.
  • Sports events – These are probably the most common moments to capture for yearbooks, but sports events are great to show school pride and great school spirit. Just make sure your smartphone or camera can handle action shots and get some pictures of the crowd too!
  • Day in the life – If you’ve got a spare chunk of time during the day, have a teacher or other staff member walk from class to class. Getting photos of your students in their element makes for great yearbook photos! Science experiments, debates, art class, choir, all of these make for great shots!
  • Assemblies and celebrations – School rallies, parties, meetings and other school gatherings are great opportunities to capture memories. Having as many of the student and staff body in one place at the same time means the chance to get everyone in the photos. 
  • Away events – Sports aren’t the only reason for school spirit and pride! Math events, debate, choir and theater, even science fairs and international language trips can bring just as many fun memories to your yearbook!
  • Celebrating volunteer work – Sometimes students do great things outside of school related events. If you’ve got students doing great things in the community, a great way to recognize their achievements is by attending awards or recognition ceremonies where they’re honored for their contributions.

We’re sure you’ve got plenty of other great ideas and chances to capture memories for your yearbook. Just remember – sometimes our smartphones make the best camera! Keep your lens clean, your batteries charged and do a little research about the settings on your phone. You’ll be capturing those special school year moments like a pro in no time! For more tips on using a smartphone to take photos for your yearbook, click here.