In today’s podcast we want to let you know about a few changes coming to the Yearbooks Live Podcast.

Starting in January all of the new podcasts are going to be in a series format. Think of it as a new season like you’d see from one of your favorite TV shows. We haven’t finalized exactly how it will look but our idea is to have six or so podcasts per season and to have two seasons a year.

The series will start in January and continue with episodes through May. We’ll take the summer off and start new episodes from September to November.

We will focus more on what you are doing in those months. So for example, in January we may discuss sales and marketing and end with a discussion on yearbook distribution. We’ve received some good feedback on our interviews, so we’ll plan on more of those as well. All the current content isn’t going anywhere so you’ll have access to all the content for as long as you need it.

Be sure to check out our website for the podcast videos at This is where you can see my handsome mug and get all of the same podcast content in video form.

If you have ideas or suggestions on topics you’d like to hear and see on the podcast be sure to send us an email to

So stay tuned for some great Yearbooks Live content. We’ll see you in January. Enjoy the holidays and happy yearbooking.