In this podcast we interview Park Trails Elementary Yearbook Advisor Deanna Russo. In this challenging year, Deanna has some fantastic feedback on creating yearbook content, selling yearbooks and more.

Deanna answers the following questions:

  1. Tell us a little about yourself and how long you’ve been working on the yearbook at Park Trails Elementary. How did you get started working on the yearbook?


  1. This is obviously a challenging year for creating yearbook content. What are some of the challenges you faced this year when it came to creating content and how did you overcome them?


  1. With so many students doing virtual school this year yearbook sales have been slower than normal. What have you all done this year to try to drive up sales?


  1. What kind of push back did you receive from parents about pushing yearbook sales when students were not in school? How did you respond?


  1. You all have sold a significant number of personal ads. Probably more than most schools. What is your secret to getting parents to participate in the ad creation for their child?