In today’s episode we are going to talk about what options are available if you have no school photographer this year, what a distance learning yearbook can look like, reaching out to parents to sell the yearbook, what to do if you don’t have the time or energy to put a yearbook together and show you a very inexpensive way to get everyone a yearbook this year.

Yes, you can still have a yearbook show you how on this week’s episode of YearbooksLive.

With Covid-19, this is year like no other and many schools may not have portrait photos because there is no photographer allowed at the school. In many counties the districts have banned the photographer from entering the building and in others only a portion of the students are at the school so there’s very few students to take school photos. Without portrait, it makes it difficult to do a yearbook.

Taking the photographer issue into consideration most yearbook companies this year are scrambling to find a solution to be able to have portraits in the yearbook. Many have succeeded in finding that solution and some have not. Today, I want to talk to you about our sister company, YearbookLife, and how they have found a solution to provide portraits for the yearbook and a whole lot more services and products to help build a better yearbook in this trying year. Other companies may have similar products and I’d advise you to ask your yearbook rep.

Yearbooklife has a new product this year called Selfie Portriats. They will provide the schools with software that will allow students and parents the ability to take selfie portraits and have them uploaded in to the yearbook. The software does all the work for you. Take a look at a sample Distance Learning yearbook and what your yearbook can look like this year.

Everyone is home this year more than they ever have been so this means parents and students are glued to their mobile devices. There is no better time to market the yearbook via email and or text tan right now and YearbookLife will do it all for you with there Marketing Assistance Program.

Another new service this year is YBLifeLine. People are tired this year. Tired of Covid, tired of politics just plain tired and a lack of energy may prevent you from wanting to create a yearbook this this. YearbookLife understands that and they have developed YBLifeline. Let YBL throw you a lifeline.

Finally, maybe a digital yearbook is what you’d prefer this year. Maybe finances are more difficult this year and there’s less money to go around. If that’s the case some companies are offering a digital version of the yearbook. A virtual yearbook that you always have on your mobile devices. YearbookLife offers a digital yearbook. For about $4.00 per portrait you can have a virtual yearbook on any mobile device.

So we’ve talked about Selfie Portraits, we showed you what a distance learning yearbook can look like, we discussed marketing your yearbook in the time of Covid, we showed you how some yearbook companies will put the entire yearbook together for you, and finally we showed you how to save money with a digital yearbook,

The yearbook is just as important this year as any other. As much as we’d like to forget 2020, in 10 years it will be fascinating to look back on this school year and the yearbook is a perfect place to do that.

So Until next week happy yearbooking.