So many things have changed this year. It feels like everyone is having to adjust to the new normal. Virtual classrooms, online meetings, Zoom – who knew that back in January we’d all have to get used to all of these changes.

Virtual learning is definitely different from in-person learning. It’s easy to forget how important face-to-face interactions can be. While a remote class can be challenging, there are ways to overcome these challenges! If your yearbook class has moved online, you can still create an incredible yearbook.  

5 Things To Do In Virtual Yearbook Class

If you’re attending your yearbook class online, you can maintain your yearbook for the year. Sure, you may have to make some slight adjustments, but these can open up opportunities to develop new skills! Here are 5 things to do in your virtual yearbook class.

Check Access

Your first point of call should be checking everyone’s access. Do all of your yearbook staff have the correct login details? Make sure they are able to access your online yearbook software. You’ll want to make sure that everyone is able to work without any issues. 

Develop Your Theme

Just like any other year, your yearbook is going to need a theme. Your yearbook theme will be the central idea or concept that your yearbook is built upon. Developing your theme should be fun! And this year can present a unique opportunity to get really creative! 

Further Your Training

Creating a yearbook requires a variety of different skill sets. Within your yearbook team, you’ll have: 

  • Photographers
  • Designers
  • Advertisers
  • Journalists
  • And more!

A virtual yearbook classroom can provide a great opportunity to help further your yearbook skills. At YearbookLife, we host several group webinars throughout the season and individual training webinars that will help guide you through the yearbook design process.  

Outline Your Yearbook 

Working as a team, identify how you want to layout your yearbook. Look at the upcoming school year – what events are you planning to cover? With many events being held virtually, how will this impact your yearbook layout? Outlining your yearbook from the beginning can help you identify any core themes. It can also help identify places where you may need additional content to fill the pages. 

Collaborate and Communicate

Make sure you’re collaborating and communicating with your team. Are there any tasks that a group will need to complete together? In a virtual world, communication is extremely important. Check in with your team regularly. Stick to deadlines, and create new tasks as needed. 

We know that this year looks different. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed. And that’s our commitment to providing you with yearbooks to create lasting memories. Our yearbook support staff are on hand to help you create your yearbook this year. If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch with YearbookLife today.