Printed yearbooks are a great way to highlight the academic year. School events, sporting victories, current events, these are all great topics to help make a yearbook memorable. 

But have you ever thought to yourself “wow, I wish that I could interact with my yearbook?” 

With YearbookLife’s Digital Yearbooks, powered by FC Yearbooks, now you can. YearbookLife’s digital yearbooks look exactly the same as your printed school yearbook. But they’re also interactive! 

What is a Digital Yearbook? 

A digital yearbook is your school yearbook, but on any mobile device. It looks exactly like your printed yearbook! But with a digital yearbook, you can browse on your mobile, tablet, or other mobile device. 

What Makes A Digital Yearbook Different? 

With YearbookLife’s digital yearbooks, you can truly interact with your school’s yearbook. A digital yearbook will let you: 

  • Send messages back and forth to people in your yearbook 
  • Sign your friend’s yearbooks digitally 
  • Sticker your yearbook
  • Send videos back and forth to people in your yearbook 

It’s truly interactive!

How to Make A Digital Yearbook 

The first step to making your digital yearbook, is to create your yearbook. You may opt to use YearbookLife’s yearbook creation software, YBLive. The YBLive yearbook software is easy to use. Advanced collaboration tools make it easy for multiple people to work on the yearbook at the same time. 

You may decide to use a different yearbook software provider. That’s fine too! The only requirements to make your digital yearbook are: 

  • High-Res PDF
  • Portrait Database

As long as you’re able to provide both of those, we can make your digital yearbook! 

How to Use A Digital Yearbook

To prepare to use your digital yearbook, everyone pictured in the portrait database will need to download the FC Yearbooks app. It’s available on the Google Play store, the Apple store, or through Amazon.  

Note however – In order to access the yearbook from your mobile device, you’ll need to input a unique code. 

Roughly 5 – 7 days after submitting your completed yearbook to YearbookLife, we’ll send the unique codes to your school. Your school will then email the codes out to the student body, staff and faculty, allowing you to use your digital yearbook. 

Once you’re logged in, get interactive! Send messages, sticker your yearbook, sign your friends yearbooks. Have fun! 

If you decide that you’d like a hard copy of your yearbook, that’s not a problem either! Once logged in on the FC Yearbooks app, you’ll have the option to request a printed version of your yearbook. We then print your yearbook, and send it directly to your home. 

Inquire about Digital Yearbooks Today!

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