10 Business Day Turnaround

With one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry, your YBLive book can be delivered in as little as 10 business days; giving you more time to get important Spring events like prom and banquet photos into your yearbook.

Runs On All Platforms

The YBLive software is compatible with all major browsers on Windows and Mac. It also runs on the Apple iOS, Android OS, and Chrome OS, making it accessible from the iPad, Chromebook and other popular devices.

Short Learning Curve

A simple workflow makes the software easy to use and navigate, and help text and training videos are available on every page for a quick, detailed reference.

Powerful, Advanced and Easy-To-Use Features

YBLive contains a set of design wizards that provide great looking yearbook pages, automatically. Users that want more flexibility can freely design their own layouts using powerful page tools. Advanced photo and text editing, plus thousands of templates and other design elements, allow for extensive customization.

Yearbook Planning Ladder

An online yearbook planning ladder provides a quick glance for planning and managing your yearbook.

Online Collaboration and Approval Process

Advanced collaboration tools allow multiple people to work on the yearbook simultaneously, with oversight from an advisor. Online review and email alerts allow the advisor to manage the process while enhancing communication among the yearbook staff.

Online Storefront

The YBLive storefront provides a branded online store for your school, with the ability for students to view and order their yearbooks. In addition, your students, staff and families can create and submit their ads

Year-to-Year Roll Over

YBLive allows users to save their page templates, finalized pages, and pictures for next year. Making changes to existing templates is a great way for schools to get a head start on next year’s yearbook.


Our dedicated YBLive Technical Support team is available to assist you with all aspects of YBLive.

Contact them at 1-888-680-0143.


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YearbookLife offers a selection of Full Color Stock Covers and Custom Cover Background Options that you can easily enhance.



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