You’ve probably already heard that planning a yearbook takes time. It’s true; the earlier you get started on your yearbook creation process, the easier the process will be. One thing that is important to consider is the cost of your yearbook. Yearbook costs can fluctuate each year based on design enhancements selected.

Yearbook sales and revenue from ads should contribute towards the basic cost of the yearbook, meaning the amount required for printing. But what happens when this income stream doesn’t cover everything? How do you pay for the additional, fun enhancement options that you want to include to make your yearbook unique?

At YearbookLife, we’ve been in the yearbook industry for years. Through our experience, we’ve seen some great ways to help raise additional money for your yearbook. Give it a try yourself with these school yearbook fundraising ideas.

5 School Yearbook Fundraising Ideas

These 5 ideas can be great yearbook fundraisers. Plus, they give you a great opportunity to get the whole yearbook team involved! 

  1. Host A Movie Night – Hosting a movie night is a great way to raise some additional cash. Find a family-friendly film to attract as many people as possible! Sell tickets for admission, and offer up additional extras like popcorn, candy, or even pizza. 
  2. Take Advantage of the Holidays – We’re not just talking about the traditional holidays! Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day can also be great opportunities for fundraising. You could offer candy grams for sale at Valentine’s. How about green flowers for St. Patrick’s day? Let your creativity run wild. Don’t forget to get your school involved – you’ll want to make sure that they’re onboard with your holiday fundraising ideas. 
  3. Raffle – A raffle is a great way to raise additional funds for your yearbook. People love being able to win a fantastic prize. It’s also a great way to get local businesses involved. Why not approach some and see if they’d be willing to contribute a prize? 
  4. Bake Sales – Who doesn’t enjoy cake? A bake sale is a great way to raise some money. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional cupcake and brownie. Why not try throwing additional items in the mix for people who are looking for healthier alternatives? Trail mix or popcorn can be great additions. 
  5. Photo CDs – Throughout the year, you’re probably taking a lot of photos for your yearbook. But let’s be realistic, not all of them are going to make the final cut. Throw the photos onto CDs, and offer them for sale to students and parents alike. Bonus points for organizing the CDs by theme, eg: homecoming, prom, rallys, etc. 

These school yearbook fundraising ideas are a great way to raise extra money. After all, you want to make a yearbook to remember, right? If you’re looking for additional help marketing and selling your yearbook, check out the YearbookLife Marketing Supplies Store

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