A great yearbook photo caption should do two things: it should inform readers and it should entertain. Your yearbook photos are going to be some of the most-seen graphics in the yearbook. If the photo captures your readers’ attention, they’re likely to read the associated caption.

Great yearbook photo captions should tell a story. You may be wondering where to even begin? Our yearbook caption writing tips can help you create memorable, entertaining and informative captions. 

Tips for Writing & Designing Yearbook Photo Captions 

A photo caption is a small, easily digestible piece of information. A great caption should tell the reader everything they need to know about a photo: Who? What? When? Where? Why? Once you’ve gathered this information, the caption will all but write itself! 

Think of writing your yearbook caption like a story-teller would. Give your readers enough information to give them the complete story. Your caption should be able to answer the five W’s:

  • Who? Make sure your caption describes who is in the photo. Name up to 6 or 7 people or groups. Top Tip: Take advantage of yearbook publishers with software that helps you index your yearbook images. YearbookLife offers software that will automatically index people you tag in your yearbook photos. Talk about a useful feature!
  • What? What is happening in the photo? Try to focus on the non-obvious information. For example, it’s Tom’s first time playing the flute at a school event. Rather than “Tom, playing the flute” you could try, “Tom’s first time playing the flute at the Spring Fling.” 
  • When? When did the event happen? Was it special in anyway?
  • Where? Where was the photo taken? 
  • Why? This is a great opportunity to provide additional information behind the photo. Perhaps it was a charity bake sale. This gives you a chance to tell the reader something they cannot see in the photo. 

Tip: Getting a quote from someone in the picture can really compliment your story-telling! 

Yearbook Photo Captions: Dos and Don’ts

Here’s a quick list of the dos and don’ts for writing your yearbook photo captions:


✅ Answer the five Ws

✅ Be descriptive

✅ Be factual 

✅ Use lively, visual, action verbs

✅ Write in the present tense

✅ Use first and last names

✅ Write in complete sentences


❌  Use label leads (such as baseball guys, etc.)

❌  Use a lot of -ing verbs

❌  State the obvious

❌  Use joke or “gag” captions

❌  Forget you’re telling the reader a story

Writing the yearbook photo captions is a great opportunity to think back on all the fun you’ve had in the school year. Put on your story-telling hat, get creative, and most of all, have fun! 

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