Sell and Buy School Yearbooks with My Yearbook Sales

04 Feb Sell and Buy School Yearbooks with My Yearbook Sales

Getting your yearbook is an exciting time as a student. You cannot wait to see what pictures of you and your friends made it into the yearbook. The second best part of having your yearbook is having all of your friends sign it. Sometimes ordering a yearbook can be a hassle. As a parent, you worry about sending your child to school with cash or a check to pay for their yearbook, with thoughts of them losing the money. Fortunately, there is an easy solution. You can order your school yearbook online!

My Yearbook Sales is the solution. It is free to use, and eliminates the stresses of yearbook sales, making yearbook sales quick and easy.  My Yearbook Sales allows you to sell your school yearbooks and accessories online. Parents love the convenience of being able to order their child’s school yearbook online; while the yearbook staff will appreciate the time they will save by not having to produce a receipt for every sale. My Yearbook Sales is a secure web-based application which does not require any software installation. It does all the work of managing sales and date information.  Even more convenient to your yearbook staff is the ability to access the information from any computer with any internet access! Online yearbook sales through My Yearbook Sales is made for the yearbook staff, students, and parents. When it comes time to sell or buy your yearbook, make sure to keep My Yearbook Sales and YearbookLife in mind.

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