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Technical Support

YBLive’s Technical Support Team is available to answer any technical question you may have.

PDF Manuals

Find our YBLive User Manual, Art Guide, Marketing Manual and other information here!

News You Can Use

Important Design and Production Information for your YBLive yearbook.

More Good Stuff


We offer several different training options for you and your yearbook team at no cost!

Digital Yearbook Email Templates

Download these email template designs to send emails to your parents and students to encourage digital yearbook sales.

Marketing Supplies Store

Check out the materials available to promote and sell your yearbooks

Referral Program

Are you a satisfied YearbookLife customer, who would like to refer another school? Submit your referral and receive cash rewards.

Best Yearbook Contest

For current customers, all yearbooks will be automatically entered into our annual Best Yearbook Contest.

eCommerce Info

Purchase yearbooks, design and purchase ads, and upload photos all online.