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Whether you’re a long-time yearbook advisor looking for ways to improve your current sales process or a new yearbook staff member just trying to figure everything out, you’ll find Pictavo Community’s Online sales feature to be a lifesaver.

One convenient system for online and offline orders means you can easily account for every penny collected. Having a constant pulse on the status of sales means you can spend less time bookkeeping and more on other priorities.

Pictavo Community’s sales feature allows you to open your own school store within Pictavo, making it available to all via online. You can easily pick and choose which yearbook products you’d like to sell online, including your school yearbooks, personalized cover options, business ads, student ads, and more. Simply add a description and price for each. Parents, students, staff, and others will also be able to design and purchase recognition or business ads.

With Pictavo Community, you can easily manage multiple order deadlines and different pricing options and/or promotional discounts. This feature is ideal if your school gradually increases the price of the yearbook as the sales campaigns progress throughout the school year or if you offer family or other discounts.

This yearbook sales feature will help encourage parents and others to order yearbooks online. Just like other credit card transactions they’re familiar with, they will find the ordering process to be easy, convenient, and secure. You can use Pictavo to enter in all of the cash and check payments received, and you can easily generate reports that track purchases and simplify distribution.

Join Pictavo Community


Through Pictavo Community, parents, students, and staff at your school will be able to:

  • Upload Photos for the Yearbook
  • Purchase Yearbooks Online
  • Design and Purchase Ads Online

All at no charge to the school! You decide which options you want to make available, or select all three.

Click here for setup instructions.


Sometimes finding the right yearbook photos can be a challenge. Now with the Pictavo Community Photo Upload feature, other members of your school community, not just your yearbook staff.


Parents, students, staff, and others can easily access your school’s Pictavo Community to purchase yearbooks and design and purchase recognition or business ads.


The Ad Design and Sales component provides users with dozens of pre-made templates and Pictavo–style design tools that will allow them to create a high quality and unique ad for their child or business.