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Where are you located?

Our corporate office is located just west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the town of Cooper City.

What types of binding do you offer?

We offer two types of soft cover binding: Saddle Stitched and Perfect Bound. We also offer two types of hard cover binding: Regular and Smyth Sewn.

What type of warranty do you offer on your yearbooks?

We will replace any and all books that are damaged in shipping or are delivered with material defects. No exceptions!

How do I contact my YearbookLife representative?

We’ll gladly put you in touch with your YearbookLife representative. Complete the Contact Us form and a representative will contact you soon. You can always contact us by phone toll free at 888-680-0143.

I’m ready to get started. What do I do now?

Your YearbookLife representative will help you determine which yearbook design option best fits your needs. Once your Publishing Order is signed and submitted, a yearbook kit, containing all of the materials will be shipped to you. You will also receive Welcome emails and software information so you can get started immediately and your representative will contact you to schedule an introduction and training session.  Check out our Getting Started guide on our website to learn more.

Where do I find my job number?

Your job number can be found on the front label of your box kit of materials, as well as at the bottom of any Pictavo page.

When is our cover due?

Custom covers, including those designed using one of our Pictavo Custom Backgrounds, student artwork, or graphic designed art, are due on or around February 1st for spring delivery yearbooks. Please check your Publishing Order for the exact date. If you’re using one of our stock cover designs, you have until you submit your book for publishing to select your cover choice.

How are yearbooks priced?

Your price per book is determined by the number of copies and the number of pages of your yearbook.  Other factors to consider include the type of cover (hard or soft) and any additional enhancements you may choose.

How many copies should we order?

Start with your enrollment as a guide and figure that between 30-60% of your students and faculty will purchase a yearbook. This is only a guide and each school is different. The best way to to determine your order is to have a pre-sale to get an idea of the number of books you will need and adjust your order if necessary.  You are able to change the number of books you want to order anytime time without penalty up until you submit your book for printing. We will also adjust your pricing to reflect the change in the number of books or pages of your final order.

How many pages should be included in our yearbook?

Many yearbooks include at least one page per classroom plus activity pages. Add the total number of classrooms for the total number of portrait pages you’ll need. Then decide how many staff pages and which activities and events will be included in your yearbook to determine the number of pages you’ll need. We provide a Page Ladder to help you outline and organize the pages in the book.

When will my school’s page proofs arrive?

PDF proofs are provided to all customers at no charge. Hard copy proofs are available at $0.50 per page. Your PDF proof will be emailed to you within 10 business days after the book is submitted.

What if I find errors on my proof?

If any of the errors are our mistake, we will correct them to your complete satisfaction at no charge. If you made a mistake creating the yearbook and find errors in your proof, you can indicate where the errors are and how you would like them corrected and we will fix them for you for a fee. Fees vary by the type of corrections. If you have major mistakes on your proof you can correct all of the errors and resubmit your book. The resubmission fee is $150.

When will my books arrive?

We ship all books by UPS Ground Service or freight. Once we receive your approval of your proof, your yearbooks will be delivered to your school within 4-6 weeks depending on your book specifications.

I am not going to be the yearbook adviser at my school anymore, can I give you an email to contact from now on for this year’s yearbook team?

Yes, please provide us with the name, email address and phone number of the new contact. We’ll reach out to him/her and get them all of the information about training, the yearbook process, etc.

We want to add students to help on the yearbook. What is the best way to add them so they will only be able to have access to add pictures and to create pages?

The Administrator of the book has to add the Users. There are instructions in the Pictavo Help menu that will guide you. Just search”Adding Users”.

As the Administrator, you assign what tasks or “privileges” each user has. You can set up individual users with individual privileges, or create a group with privileges and add users to that group. Everyone in that group would then have the same privileges, such as uploading pictures and designing certain pages, etc.

I logged into Pictavo and the status on the book was how I left it last year and I don’t know how to reset it to make a new book. Can you help me?

You need the Pictavo activation email for this year’s book. That email is what activates the new book for this year and what reassigns your log in information to this year’s book.  The email is titled “Welcome to Pictavo”. Please look for it from “production@pictavo.com”

Would it be o.k. I if I send the Cover art to you? I do not have a scanner…nor would I know how to operate it.

Yes, please put the art work and the Custom Cover Form contained in your yearbook kit in a secure mailer to avoid any damage and send it to us:

9710 Stirling Road, Suite 102
Cooper City, FL 33024

Be sure to fill out all of the instructions on the front of the Custom Cover Form that apply to your school (it won’t all apply).  Be sure to let us know which drawing goes where. You can indicate that with pencil on the back of the art work, or with a sticky note, or with your own diagram.

Is there anything we should note on our flyer as far as guidelines for the kids designing this year’s yearbook cover/back cover?

We usually give basic guidelines to the students to make them as universal as possible.

The drawings can be done on a regular 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of white paper. One sheet for the front cover drawing and one sheet for the back.

You want your drawings to be as vivid as possible, so encourage the kids to use more vibrant colors and less light colors, but this is also at the discretion of the artist. Colored pencils work well… markers are great, but can bleed in the hands of younger kids.

Have you established a “theme” for the book? Are you encouraging the kids to draw to the “theme” or just anything that is significant to them? You can offer guidance this way.

We don’t qualify for a custom cover, do we?

Yes, you can use a custom cover if you choose to – there is no extra charge.

If you would like to use the Custom Cover Background options, then you will need to make sure that your Pictavo Cover Setting is set to “Custom”.

Custom covers have a February deadline to avoid a late fee. Be sure to check your Publishing Order for this date.

We have finished our Yearbook Cover. I “submitted it for approval” and “approved it”…but I’m sure there’s another step in order to submit it to YOU. How do I submit it?

Now that you’ve “submitted the cover for approval” and “approved” the cover – the last step is to SUBMIT the cover. From the Cover Page, click on the Submit Icon in the upper level tool bar. You’ll then see the submit page with a thumbnail size view of your cover with a blue button underneath that reads “submit cover”. Click on that, and you’ll then complete your cover submission form.

I am in charge of the yearbook and haven’t really done much at this point, other than put a call out for pictures.
I’m wondering if there’s a document that lists key due dates. Being this is my first year, I’m keeping things simple. For instance, I saw there’s a deadline for a cover but is that for any cover or only customs?

The only document you need that lists the key due dates is your Publishing Order.

There are only two deadline dates: the Custom Cover deadline, which is in February, and the final date you need to submit your book/pages – that’s it! Both of these dates are noted on the front page of your Publishing Order.

The Custom Cover Deadline only applies if you are creating a custom cover. A stock cover is submitted when you submit your book.

We are slightly behind schedule; can we have an anticipated extension?

Yes, you can extend your final submission deadline as needed. Just remember that any delay in the submission of your book will cause an equal delay in delivery. Please contact us so we can give you your rescheduled delivery date.

The Custom Cover Deadline date, however, is a firm deadline to avoid a $75 late penalty. You can submit your custom cover as late as you submit your book, but you will be charged the late fee if it’s not submitted by the February deadline.

The person that is helping work on the yearbook noticed that some of the clarity of the pictures look a little off. Is this just the website or will the actual yearbook also look this way?

The version you see onscreen is a low-resolution version because it would take too long to generate a hi-resolution view of every page. Clarity can also be impacted by the resolution settings of your screen.

All images should all be uploaded at 300 dpi.

Pictavo has a few measures to ensure proper clarity/dpi of the images:

1. Any image that is low-resolution will have a red frame around it when you click on it.
2. In the “Ladder View” – a warning tab will appear next to the page that has any resolution concerns. Click on the tab to read the information.
3. Look at each page in “hi-res” view. There is a hi-res icon for every page that will convert the low-res book page to a hi-res version.

If you review the images with the above tools, then you will be able to identify any clarity concerns.

Last year there were many photos uploaded by parents to Pictavo Community that we were not able to use because I could not expand them beyond the thumbnail size. Can you help me better understand what makes that happen, so that I can instruct my parents to take better, more usable pictures?

This is a struggle for many schools! It’s a technology issue. Simply, the settings on the user’s camera is set to create pictures that are too small. Many cameras are set at “small” file size so that you can get as many photos as possible on the memory card.

You want the camera settings to be set so you get a standard 4″ x 6″ picture (800x 1200 pixels) or so average size photo to work with.

Encourage the photographers to figure out how to set their picture/file size There isn’t any way to adjust them inside or outside of Pictavo without ruining the clarity.

We tried setting up the Pictavo Community link and it said that we did not sign up for online yearbook sales. Is that true?

It’s not that you’re not signed up for online sales, it’s that the online sales isn’t activated in your account yet. You have to activate it before you can start setting it up.

The Pictavo Help Menu has step-by-step procedures to help you set up the Community features, or you can contact our Tech Support Department at 1-800-887-0414 and they’ll talk you through the whole process. Just have your pricing and deadline information ready.

Can I set up a time to get help with setting up the community?

Our Tech Support Team can help you set up your Pictavo Community. You can call them at 1-800-887-0414. Their hours are 9:00 – 5:30 ET. If you need help “after hours”, then we can arrange for someone to work with you.

Do you have a flyer to give to parents instructing them how to create an ad in Pictavo Community?

Yes, to assist you with your online Pictavo Community Sales and Photo Uploads, we have created flyers that you can distribute to your parents providing them with step-by-step instructions on How to Purchase their Yearbooks Online, How to Design and Purchase their Ads Online, and How to Upload their Photos Online.

We have created individual flyers and combination flyers for each scenario. All of these flyers can be viewed on the Downloadable Forms page of our website.

I had a parent contact me saying that she went to order a yearbook online and it says “out of stock”. I tried it and noticed the same thing, and have looked on the website and can’t seem to find anything to fix it. Is there something I need to do for this?

The “out of stock” message appears when there is no “Maximum Available” amount. This means that you have either sold out of the product and there aren’t any left, or that you need to adjust the setting to continue to sell more.

The number can be set at the number of books you are ordering according to your publishing order, or, you can inflate the number dramatically hoping to sell more. It’s up to you!

When a parent orders their yearbook online, how long before I will know they have purchased? Is there a report I can generate in Pictavo that shows me who has purchased online? If yes, how do I find that report?

Yes, there is a report. Click on the Admin Icon, then on the “Manage Sales” Icon in the secondary tool bar. That will give you a “Sales at a Glance” Report. That report gives you an overall view of how many items you’ve sold of each product (yearbooks & ads). If you click on the “View Orders” tab at the top of that report screen, it will give you a breakdown of who ordered what.

If you’re also accepting cash/check orders you can manually enter those sales into the system under the “Add Orders” tab. This way, all of your sales (online and offline) are tracked under one report.

I need to know how to set up how people can order yearbooks online? How does this work? Do I have to set everything up? I don’t want people to see the yearbook.

People can purchase yearbooks online through our Pictavo Community portal  (www.pictavocommunity.com). You have to set up the pricing information in your Pictavo yearbook account first, but the parents don’t see the yearbook. The Community site is completely different than your Pictavo yearbook site. The sales information from Community is viewed in your Pictavo  yearbook account. Therefore, you set up and see all sales information in your yearbook account (number of books sold, etc.) but the parents just have access to the Community site.

Our Tech Support Team can walk you through the set up process. Just be ready with the pricing and deadline information.

I never got any software to install, other than the custom covers software that was included in the starter kit. Any help you could offer would be most appreciated! Thank you!!

Our Pictavo program is a completely online program. There is no software to install. With Pictavo, you can access your book from any computer, anywhere that has high speed internet access. You’ll log in to your book with an email address and password.

What are the steps to printing the portraits by class once they are uploaded so I can distribute to teachers to review.

Once the portraits are uploaded and flowed by class, you can print hard copies of the pages or generate PDF’s .

To Print: Click on the Pages Icon. Then, in the secondary tool bar, click on the printer icon and you can print a proof copy of one page or a range of pages.

To generate a PDF: Click on the Pages Icon. Then, in the secondary tool bar, click on the “Pages” drop down menu on the far left. You’ll then see several different smaller icons, one allows you to create a PDF, one, called “share”, allows you to email directly from the system, if you choose.

Obviously, you can do any of the above with any pages along the way. The Pictavo Help Menu has step-by-step instructions on how to flow the class portraits and any other process in Pictavo in case you need further help.

I’ve never uploaded or flowed portraits. Is it easy for me to do or should I send them to you?

Flowing portraits is not difficult and the system gives you dialog boxes once you get started. Just make sure you have the PSPA formatted disk from your photographer. This disk contains all of the portraits along with a database that has all of the data (name, teacher, grade, etc.) that is associated with each picture.

You have two options to guide you along with the portrait flow:

1. Go to the Pictavo Help Menu and search “Portrait Upload”.
2. Call our Tech Support Team at 1-800-887-0414 and someone will talk you through the process.

Do you still do the webinars upon request? Is there a charge for the webinars?

Yes, we still offer the webinars upon request, and no, there is no charge for them.

You will want to contact our Pictavo trainer, Beth Clinton, directly to set up a day/time. Email her at beth@yearbooklife.com. She has day, evening and weekend times available.

Just give her a couple of dates/times that work for you and she’ll see if one fits into her schedule.

I need to add pages to my book. Can I do that myself or do you have to do it?

Yes, you can add pages to your book; just remember that the final page count must be divisible by four for production purposes. There are instructions in the Pictavo Help Menu to guide you. Please remember that any change in the number of pages will affect your price per book. Please refer to page two of your Publishing Order for pricing information about adding pages.

We have some pages designed in Pictavo already, but wanted to add a page we missed in between some already designed. Is that possible? So that they don’t have to redesign all of those pages all over again, or have things out of order.

Of course! You can move a blank page to that spot and the book pages will reshuffle.

The Pictavo Help Menu has a video instruction for this process, as well as instructions for all Pictavo functions.  Just search “How do I move pages”.

Moving a blank page to that spot should do the trick without adding pages to your book.

Is there a way to move pages?

Yes, from the Pages view, click on the Pages drop down button in the secondary tool bar.  That will give you thumbnail views of all of your pages. From there, you can click and drag the page(s) you want to move.

The Pictavo Help Menu walks you through this process in a video.  Just search “How do I move pages”.


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