Your Digital Yearbook, brought to you in partnership with Forever Connected, looks exactly the same as your printed school yearbook, and it’s interactive!

It’s always with you…
A printed yearbook is great – and having a mobile version always at your fingertips is even sweeter! Sign, sticker and video your classmates now, or anytime from anywhere!

You are in control!
Messages, stickers & video are one-to-one, so all communication is private. See something you don’t like? Block it!

Parent ScreenTM
Empowers parents to control safe messaging. Messaging is disabled by default for children under 13.  See below to learn more.

Why a Digital Yearbook?

No Deadlines
No Minimum Orders
Environmentally Responsible
Kids Love Mobile Technology
Every Event is Included in your yearbook
Fully Interactive with Signature and Video Capability
Use your current design software or purchase ours



Extra Protection with ParentScreen

Have every message to and from your child pass through your approval, or If you prefer, you can mute the alerts, pre-approve messaging and check the message history later. You can block specific classmates or delete their messages before you child sees them.

Safe Messaging for young children: COPPA Compliance
Forever Connected is a proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge that ensures student data is safeguarded inline with legal and regulatory standards. Learn more.

Your Data is Not Indexed by Search Engines
The yearbook, your child’s photos, videos and messages are not indexed by Google and they are not available on the web. They are exclusively available to students and staff, pictured in your child’s yearbook through a Forever Connected private code that only you have. 

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