Selfie Portraits – Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about Selfie Portraits, check out our frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer to your question, contact us today, and we will be glad to help you.

Sign up and Set up Process

How do I get this program set up for my school?

To get started, simply complete the form on our Selfie Portrait webpage. Upon payment of the licensing fee, we will follow up with you to collect all of the data and information needed to set up your site.

What is the charge for this service to my school and parents?

The site is free to students and staff to use to submit selfie portraits. The school will pay an upfront licensing fee of $250 for use of the site.  If you’re interested in using our traditional portrait background feature, additional fees will apply. Contact us to learn more.

What information will you need to set up the system?

We will need a spreadsheet that contains the Student’s first name, last name, teacher or grade, student ID# and parent email address, if available, for messaging. If you want staff members to use this system, then we will need their first name, last name, employee ID#, department, and email address, if available, for messaging. If the ID#s are not available, contact us for an alternative method to track the data. Students and staff will use their individual ID # to log into the system and identify them according to their personal data. Read the High5 privacy policy.

Can I set a deadline date for submissions?

Yes. In fact, we require it. It is best to set a deadline and monitor the outstanding portraits through the selfie portrait software. We recommend holding at least one “Photo Day” and announce that all students should submit their portraits on that day. That should take care of a large amount of image submissions. You can always hold a second Photo Day and also send reminders to students that haven’t submitted their portraits yet. The selfie portrait system allows you to filter out the pending portraits.

How do I learn how to use the Selfie Portrait software?

Please watch this training video to learn more about navigating the Selfie Portrait software. If you would prefer one-on-one training or help, please email If you have any questions, you can also call our office at 888-680-0143.

Submitting Portraits

Can a student use a picture they already have saved on their computer or phone?

No. The picture must be taken live through the software either as a selfie or you can use the front facing camera and have someone take the picture. Make sure your face is lined up within the template. By taking the picture through the software and using the template, there is a better chance for a consistent look throughout the portraits.

How do I use professional portraits that some students have, like Senior portraits?

Our Selfie Portrait program is a solution for students that don’t have access to professional portraits. If any population of your school has taken professional photos through a photographer, such as your Seniors, you can load those images along with the corresponding database directly into your design software. You don’t need to utilize the selfie portrait software for that purpose. If you have just a few students with professional portraits, you can manually upload them individually into the selfie portrait program to keep track of the status of each student’s portrait.

Portrait Quality Review & Approval

Who reviews the portrait quality?

The admin (or person put in charge of portraits) needs to review each portrait to make sure it is appropriate for your school. What is considered appropriate is determined by your school. We recommend that you send Portrait Rules to each student so they are aware of what is acceptable. Reasons for rejecting a picture may include, but are not limited to: inappropriate clothing, inappropriate hand gesture, poor image quality, etc.

If the picture is acceptable, you need to “approve” it. This will lock the image for use in the yearbook and prevent the student from submitting further images. We recommend all submitted images be reviewed at least weekly.

I know we have to approve each portrait to make sure it looks good. What happens when we reject a picture?

When you reject a picture, you must contact the student and tell them to submit a new image. Be sure to tell them the problem with the first one. You can send a standardized email through the selfie portal system if you have the email address available.

Missing Portraits

How can I remind students of missing pictures?

You can filter out a list of all outstanding pictures within the software. Then you can send an email directly through the system if emails were loaded to remind them to submit their image. Or you can email them separately, outside of the software.

What if I need to add a missing student and picture?

If there is a student or staff member that wasn’t part of your initial database (maybe they are new to the school) you can enter their name and data into the system and send them a link to upload their picture. Or you can also add a picture of them directly through the system.

What if we never get a picture from a student(s)?

If you never receive a picture, you have two options:

  1. When we export the selfie portrait data, the student’s data will export, but there won’t be an image assigned to it. Within your design software, you can include that student’s name and assign a “missing photo” image to the name.
  2. You can upload a picture of that student directly into the design software.

Other Features & Options

What if I want a consistent background on my pics?

We offer a selection of traditional portrait backgrounds that can be applied to every image. Once all of your photos have been received, we will export the images, apply the background you choose, and then load those adjusted images into your design software. Additional fees apply, billable upon final invoice of book submission. Contact us for more information.

Can students buy their yearbook after they submit their picture?

Yes! If you supply us with the link to your online store, we can include a link to the software that will give the student the option to purchase the yearbook immediately after they submit their portrait. We offer a storefront that you can use to sell your yearbooks. Contact us to get that established and linked to your selfie portrait site.

Can parents order printed versions of these portraits?

Yes! We offer a number of printed photo packages that parents can choose from to purchase printed images of their child’s selfie portrait. The portraits can be printed as taken or a choice of traditional portrait backgrounds can be applied. If you are interested in offering this service to your parents, please contact us. We can add it to your selfie portrait site as an option.