How Do I Rotate A Photo That’s In Images Before It Has Been Placed On A Page?

Go to Images in the top-level toolbar.

Image Menu in Pictavo




Locate the image that you want to rotate and click on it.  Please note that only photos that have not already been placed on a page can be rotated in Images.

Select Image You Want To Rotate in Pictavo








Click on the Rotate CW (Clockwise) or Rotate CCW (Counterclockwise) on the left side.

Rotate Image Clockwise or Counterclockwise in Pictavo







This will rotate the image 90 degrees in the direction that you choose.  Please note that images found in Images can only be rotated in increments of 90 degrees. If you need to rotate an image another amount, you must do so after it is added to the page.  Also note that only candids or clipart may be rotated in Images.