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Distance Learning Yearbook (sample)

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Distance Learning Design Guide

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101 Yearbook Content Ideas

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Your Portraits in the New Normal

Due to restrictions, photographers may not be allowed in your school or maybe all or some of your students are learning from home. If you need an alternative portrait source, we have one! Introducing “Selfie Portraits”.

Got Portraits?

Maybe you have portraits but need to create a database to upload the images into your software. Here’s how:

Creating a Portrait Index

Creating a Portrait Index

Here are instructions for creating your own portrait database.

Setting Up a Portrait Database

Download this Excel spreadsheet template to use to set up your portrait database.

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Shared Ideas

We’re all in this together, and our YearbookLife community has other great ideas to share.

Park Side Elementary, CA, Portrait Recommendation:

We actually had a “drive by” picture day where students hopped out of the car and in front of a backdrop so we’re fortunate to have official school portraits for the year. … Kids popped out, their teacher got to walk them to the photographer (which was the first time we got to see them in person), we gave them a bag of school materials since they were there anyway and walked them back to the car, masks on and safe!

Bayview Elementary, FL, Content Recommendation

Have students write a paragraph each about what has impacted them most in 2020. Topics can be about:

Social inequalities
Whatever other topic comes up this year

For younger students, the same assignment can apply but in drawings (if not writing) or a sentence or two, depending on grade level.

For “Last grade” students (like 5th, 8th, 12th), how about a two paragraph essay: first on what has affected them the most and second on how they plan to affect change in the future. Put each student kindergarten pic on one corner and the last grade (5th, 8th, 12th) pic in the opposite corner. Each essay can end with their signature. Book could be worth something if they actually fulfill what they say!


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