Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools for Yearbook Sales

At YearbookLife, we know it takes more than just great graphics and yearbook publishing software to make a successful yearbook project.  That’s why we provide you with a variety of marketing tools to help promote your yearbook sale.   From posters to collection envelopes to car line banners and more, we have several marketing ideas for your elementary, middle school and high school yearbook project.


YearBookLife Marketing Poster

Place posters in common areas throughout your school. Four Sales Posters are included in your Yearbook kit. We also have larger posters available.

Sales Flyers

Sales Flyers are available from YearbookLife to help you collect money for the yearbook sale. Sales Flyers come with a money collection envelope attached. Flyers may be imprinted with your school’s name, the price and payment information. Contact your YearbookLife representative to order Yearbook Sales Flyers for your school.

Collection Envelopes – FREE!

Every school is offered as many money collection envelopes as you need to help sell your yearbook. Each student is given the money collection envelope to take home so that parents can send the yearbook money back to the school in a safe manner.

Car Line Banners

Each morning and afternoon you may have a hundred or more parents dropping off and picking up their children. This is a great place to hang banners or pass out flyers to each car. This is the most captive audience you have to sell to every day. 8′ Outdoor/Indoor Weather Resistant Vinyl Banners Available.

Morning Announcements

Announce the sale of the yearbook during morning announcements each day prior to the yearbook sale. Make up a different humorous message for each day of the week so that your students will begin to look forward to the announcements.Use the free four minute sales video to show during morning announcements.


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