How Do I Make Changes To My Portrait Database Once It’s Uploaded Into Pictavo?

Once the database is uploaded, you can see the images and their information by going to Images in the top-level toolbar.

Then click on the Portraits tab.

On the left side, you will see all portrait groups originally contained on your portrait CD/DVD.

From here, you can either see all of the people in one large group or you can view a particular group by clicking on the group’s folder.  To make changes to an individual portrait entry, click on the portrait so that it puts a blue box around the portrait.

You can then make any changes to the data contained in the Portrait Information box.

When you are finished making changes, press OK.

You can also move someone to a different group by simply dragging and dropping their image into the folder you want them to be in.  Make sure that after you have made all of the desired changes to the portrait database that you press the Save Changes button. Otherwise, none of the portrait changes you made will be saved.

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