What’s New with Pictavo this Year?


Here are just some of the improvements you’ll see in the 2017-2018 version of Pictavo!

Pictavo Software New Mobile Capabilities


With the new mobile capabilities, Pictavo makes it possible to maximize every minute by giving you access through your desktop, laptop and mobile device.


Pictavo Software New Practice Pages

Our new Practice Pages enable you to play around with all of our new design elements and try out design ideas until the design is just perfect. Like what you’ve done? Simply convert your practice page to a “live” page with just a couple of clicks.

Pictavo Software New Photo Drop FeatureDROP IN ANYTIME

Our new photo drop in feature enables you to retrieve images directly from your desktop and drop them directly into your page design. These images are stored in their own folder, but you can organize them into your category folders whenever you have the time.

Pictavo Software New Colorable Design ElementsUSE ALL THE CRAYONS

We’ve increased the number of colorable design elements and given you a color wheel that allows you to design those elements with any color you wish! Use the opacity and saturation features to adjust the tone of every color on the wheel and save your favorite color for future use. The addition of these features means an additional selection of hundreds of design elements customized to your favorite color.


New Pictavo Community Multi-Deadline FeatureThe new Pictavo Community multi-deadline feature means you can create various price deadlines and prices for your online yearbook sales. Want to sell your book at an Early Bird price at the beginning of the year and at it’s maximum price by the end of school? No problem! Just set your deadline dates and pricing for those dates and Pictavo will update your online store automatically. And you can continue to sell your yearbook inventory even after you’ve submitted your book.