How Do I Upload My Portrait Database?

First, you will need a PSPA-compatible CD/DVD provided by your photographer.  If you do not have one, please contact your yearbook provider to discuss your options.  Begin by placing the PSPA-compatible CD/DVD in your computer and cancelling out of any auto-run options that may come up.  Then, click on Images in the top-level toolbar.

Then click on the Portraits tab.

Click on Upload Database.

You may be asked to run a java applet, please choose Run, Continue or Allow if you get that message (depending on your security settings, you may not).

Once the applet loads, click on Next.

You will then have to locate an index file on the CD/DVD or hard drive.

Then Pictavo will pull up one student from the database and try to make a determination about what to use for the first name, last name, grade and teacher.  All four of these fields are drop-down menus.  If the right option is not identified, you can click on the drop-down menus to select the right one.

If the person is not one you recognize or does not have complete information, click on Change Person until you come to a person that you do recognize.

Once you have done this, verify their information and press Finish.

The last step in uploading your portrait database is to choose whether you want to group your portraits by Grade or by Teacher/Homeroom.  Make this choice and then press Finish.

This will begin transferring the database to your book.  Please note that the process may take a long time depending on how many images you need to upload and the speed of your computer.  You will see a progress bar as it uploads.

Once the database is imported, you can make any necessary changes or start flowing the images and data immediately.