How Do I Move Pages?

Before attempting to move a page(s), make sure you have been given permission to move pages by your book’s Admin. The Admin may not have given you permission to do so.

Before moving a page, you must first determine how many pages you wish to move.  By design, Pictavo will try to move both pages of a spread together.  If you only wish to move a single page instead of both pages that are adjacent, you will need to be viewing your pages in single page view. To do this, click on the the Single Page View button.

Once you are viewing single pages, you will be able to move only one page.  Once you have chosen the mode you wish to be in, to move a page, drag and drop it where you want the page to be.  Also note that you can move multiple pages simultaneously by clicking on the pages you wish to move while holding down the SHIFT key to select consecutive pages at once (or the CTRL key to select multiple pages found sporadically throughout your book) and then moving them.