Make Sure You Know Your Deadline and What Book Options Are Available to You

In order to receive your printed book on your desired delivery date, it’s important that you create and submit your entire book to YearbookLife on time.  Your book’s due date is prominently displayed on the Dashboard so that you can see it each time you open your book. Make sure that you are planning, organizing and managing the yearbook project and all individual contributors’ work so that you are able to meet this date. Any delay may cause a delay in the delivery of your book.

It’s also important that you know what options are available to you so you can plan accordingly. For example, the time needed to complete your book will vary based on decisions such as whether you will be using a stock cover or designing your own or whether you will be ordering a hard cover with custom endsheets, etc.  Knowing these options in advance will ensure there are no surprises in planning or paying for your book when it’s time to submit it to YearbookLife. Remember, YearbookLife is always available and interested in helping you with any questions.