How Do I Switch from a Custom to a Stock Cover or Vice Versa?

To switch between a stock and custom cover or vice versa, you must first be logged in as the Admin since only the book’s Admin can make this change.  If you do not see Admin in the top-level toolbar, shown in the screenshot below, then you are not logged in as the Admin.

Switching Between Stock Covers and Custom Covers in Pictavo








Once you are logged in as the Admin, click on Admin in the top-level toolbar, shown in the above screenshot.  Once there, click on the Book Settings tab in the second-level toolbar.

Changing the Book Settings in Pictavo






This will open the Book Settings tab. To change the cover options, click on the Cover Settings button.

Changing the Cover Settings in Pictavo








Then, click on the dropdown under Cover Options and choose either Stock or Custom.

Selecting the Stock or Custom Cover Option in Pictavo











Once you have made that change, press the Save Settings button.

Saving Your Book and Cover Settings in Pictavo







Please note that there may be a cost difference between a stock and a custom cover.  Please consult with your yearbook provider before switching between a stock cover and a custom cover.