How Do I Set Up My School’s Upload Settings?

In the Admin tab, under Manage Community, click on Upload Settings.

Pictavo Admin Tab Under Manage Community Then Click On Upload Settings




Begin by specifying whether or not you want community users to be able to receive email notifications about their uploaded images.

Specify Whether Or Not You Want Community Users To Be Able To Receive Email Notifications About Their Uploaded Images





If you click on the box next to Allow Users To Receive Notifications About Their Uploaded Content, community members who choose to be notified about the usage status of their images will be notified each time the following actions take place: (1) the community member’s image has been successfully received by the yearbook staff, (2) the community member’s image has moved from the Pictavo Community into Pictavo for you and other staff members to see and potentially use in the book, and (3) the community member’s image has been submitted to be printed along with all of the other pages you will submit at that time.

If you do not click on the box next to Allow Users To Receive Notifications About Their Uploaded Content, community members will only be notified of the staff’s receipt of the image and no further updates are provided.

Next, specify how many images you want each community user to be able to upload. The default is automatically set to 25 to encourage community members to select their best images before potentially providing you with dozens to sort through. If you have an active photo mom or other community member that you expect to submit more photos than the maximum set for most users, you may want to consider setting them up as a Pictavo staff member and giving them permission to upload photos. In that case, they will not have a limit.

How To Manage Your Pictavo User Community





The next option is to specify the last date you want photos to be uploaded for consideration.   You can leave this set to be when the book is submitted for publishing, or you can specify an earlier date if you want to make sure that you have ample time to review, select and use images provided by other community members .

How To Specify The Last Date To Submit and Upload Images For Consideration





The last item to set up in the Upload Settings area is the list of categories you would like community members to place their images into. Pictavo has created pre-defined upload categories to get you started but you can add or delete categories as you see fit.  Please note that users of the Pictavo Community will be required to place their images into one of the categories you define: they will also be required to indicate who is in each photo.

Setting Up List of Image Categories for Pictavo Community Members to Upload To







Once you have created the list of categories that will work best for your school, press Save.

Saving Your Image Category List in Pictavo