How Do I Set Up My School’s Shop School Settings?

In the Admin tab, under Manage Community, click on Shop School Settings. Read the explanation about how each credit card transaction within the Pictavo Community will deduct a 5% service fee.

Setting Up Your Shop School Settings in Pictavo




Specify whether you want the 5% service fee to be bundled into the price of each product (so it is not visible to purchasers) or displayed separately (as a separate line item when the purchaser submits their order).

How to SpecifyYour Service Fee for Each Product in Pictavo





Next, you will need to specify the grade or homeroom options that your purchasers can choose from when placing an order.  The Pictavo Community requires that each purchaser specify the name of the student and the grade or homeroom of the student so that you can more easily link purchasers to students and simplify the distribution of books when the time comes. You can easily add or subtract grades or homerooms from this list as you see fit.

How to Specify the Grade or Homeroom Options that Your Purchasers Can Choose From





If you are required to collect and pay taxes on any products you sell via Pictavo Community, you will need to specify your required tax rate in order for it to be accurately added to a purchaser’s order. (Later on, when you set up individual products for sale, you can choose whether to apply this tax to each item. For now, you’re just entering the required tax rate for your school.)

How to Specify the Tax Rate for Purchase Orders





Next, specify the name and address for the reimbursement check.

How to Specify the Name and Address for the Reimbursement Check in Pictavo





Once you have filled all of this out, press Save.

Saving Your Shop School Settings in Pictavo



NOTE: Each month, your school will receive an ACH deposit from PICTAVO that reflects all of the credit card payments collected the previous month, less the 5% service fee.