How Do I Set Up My School’s Shop Product Settings?

In the Admin tab, under Manage Community, click on Shop Product Settings.

How to Set Up Your Schop Product Settings in Pictavo




Here, you should enable all the product categories that you plan to sell by choosing Enable from the drop-down list

How To Enable All the Product Categories that you Will Sell in Pictavo





Once you have enabled your school’s categories, you will need to set up each product you plan to sell online.  To do this, click on Manage Products next to the desired product category.

How to Set Up Each Product You Plan to Sell Online in Pictavo





Once you click on Manage Products, you will be able to specify an overall Order Deadline for the entire category of products. For example, if you want all of your personal ads and business ads to be received one month before you submit your book so you have time to review and place them in your book, you can indicate your desired deadline date. This date will then be visible to purchasers of those products so they know the last date to order.

How to Specify the Overall Order Deadline for the Entire Category of Products in Pictavo






You can also specify a message for what a user would see if they tried to purchase a product after that deadline. The following text is set as the default text but you can change it as you wish.  Also, you can set up a delivery message that each user who purchases that product will see as part of the checkout process. Again, default text is provided but you can easily modify it to fit your situation.

How to Specify a Message for What Users Would See If They Tried to Purchase a Product After the Deadline in Pictavo






Once you have set up the overall categories of products you wish to sell online, you will then need to set up each individual product.  To do that, click on Product Setup.

How to Set Up the Individual Products in Pictavo







This will open a popup where you will specify all of the details about the product.  Choose a product name and add a product description that will be visible to purchasers when they are deciding whether to buy the product. Indicate the order deadline date that represents the last day you plan to accept online orders and check whether you are  ready to make the product visible for online purchase.

How to Specify All the Details for Each Product in Pictavo






Check whether the product is taxable. If so, the tax rate will be calculated based on the tax rate you indicated when you set up Shop School Settings.

Check Whether the Product is Taxable in Pictavo





When setting up the price of the product, pay special attention to the product price and the actual amount your school will receive after taxes (if applicable) and the 5% service fee. If you enter an amount in the Product Price box, the amount in the School Receives box will automatically calculate based on any taxes and the 5% service fee. The reverse also holds true—if you enter the amount your School Receives, the Product Price will be calculated.

Setting Up the Price of the Product in Pictavo



If you have a limit on the number of products that can be sold for some reason (e.g. you only want to sell a certain number of full-page ads), you can enter that limit here.

How To Set Up the Number of Products That Can Be Sold in Pictavo





Once you have reviewed your product to make sure it accurately represents what you’re offering, press Save.

Saving Your Product Settings in Pictavo





You can then repeat this process for each product you wish to make available.  Once you have set up all of the products that you wish to sell, you are encouraged to go out to and begin shopping as another community member will. Make sure that the product descriptions, prices, etc. accurately reflect what you were envisioning. If they do, you can encourage others to visit the site and begin purchasing. If they don’t, you can easily modify your settings using the instructions above.