How Do I Receive and Use An Ad That Was Purchased through the Pictavo Community?

Once a community user finishes designing their ad and submits it to you, it will appear in your Community images area.  To get there, go to Images in the top level toolbar.

Viewing Ads Submitted By Pictavo Community Users



From there, click on Community in the second level toolbar.

Community Images Area in Pictavo



The ads that have been submitted to you will appear in the appropriate Recognition Ads or Business Ads folder.

The Ads That Have Been Submitted To You Will Appear In The Appropriate Recognition Ads or Business Ads Folder





Just like images that are moved from the Pictavo Community into Pictavo for others to see and place on a page, so too, will the ads in the Recognition Ads or Business Ads folders need to be dragged from their folder into your desired Pictavo folder on the left. If you will be managing several Recognition Ads and/or Business Ads, it is recommended that you create a folder where they can be neatly stored.  Once ads are in a folder within Pictavo, they can be placed on a page just like any other image.