How Do I Place a Template On a Page?

To place a template on the page, go to the page you wish to create and then click on the Templates flyout in the second-level toolbar.

How To Place A Template On The Page






From here, you can view either all templates, or click on the drop-down menu to see only the stock templates or only the custom templates.

Viewing The Yearbook Templates in Pictavo








You can then go further into each folder and get a closer look at a template by clicking on the magnifying glass in the bottom corner of each template.

Getting A Closer Look At The Templates In Pictavo









Please note that templates are available in both single and two-page spreads. Two-page spreads can only be used on a two-page spread that is linked. If you add a two-page spread template to a page that is not linked as a two-page spread, the two pages will automatically be linked as a two-page spread when you add the template.

See “How do I place a photo across two pages?” section for more details on why and how you link pages together.

Once you see a template you like, simply drag and drop it onto the page.  If you decide that you wish to use a different template, you can just drag and drop another one onto the page.  Please note that adding a template to a page will clear everything that is on the page.

Confirming The Addition Of Your Yearbook Template In Pictavo





Once the template is on the page, you can start dragging and dropping photos into the photos boxes.  You can also start adding text to a text box by double-clicking on the words contained in the text box and typing. The text will take on the same type face and point size as the original words. You can then alter the type faces, size, space between letters, etc. as you wish.

Once a template has been used on a page, a green check mark will appear next to the template in the Templates flyout. By clicking on the check mark, you will see which pages that template appears on.

The Yearbook Templates Flyout In Pictavo