How Do I Move Images Uploaded By A Pictavo Community Member Into My Book?

To move images into your book that a Pictavo Community member uploaded, go to the Images area at the top.

Moving Images Into You Book That Pictavo Community Members Have Uploaded



Once there, go to Community in the second level toolbar.

How To View Pictavo Commnuity Images



Note that the folders containing images on the left side of the screen are those that are currently in your Pictavo book for all Pictavo staff members to see and use as they wish.

View List of Images That Are Currently In Your Book In Pictavo



The folders containing images on the right side of the screen are those that have been uploaded by community members and are only visible to the Admin and staff members that were given permission to see them (and possibly move them into the Pictavo folders on the left).

View Images That Have Not Yet Been Moved To Your Book in Pictavo




In order for all staff members to see and use images from the Pictavo Community, you will need to drag community uploaded images from the right side and drop them into the appropriate folder(s) you want to put them in on the left.  Once an image is moved, it will change from being Received to being Under Consideration and can then be seen by all users and placed on a page.

Dragging Community Uploaded Images Into Your Book in Pictavo




NOTE: If you checked the Allow Users To Receive Notifications About Their Uploaded Content in the Upload Settings of Manage Community, Pictavo Community members who chose to be informed of their uploaded images status will be notified that their image is now Under Consideration.