How Do I Ensure Photos Line Up?

There are three ways to ensure that your images will line up with each other.  The first way is through the use of ruler guides.

Ruler guides are horizontal or vertical lines that can be dragged onto the page to help visually align items—they do not print on the page.

To add a horizontal ruler guide to a page, click on the horizontal ruler at the top of the page, hold down the mouse button and drag a ruler guide onto the page in the desired location. To add a vertical ruler, click, hold and drag a ruler from the left-hand ruler and place it onto the desired location on the page.  If you want precise placement of a ruler, pay close attention to where the ruler guide corresponds with the ruler at the top or left side of the screen.

NOTE: If you don’t see the Ruler at the top or left-hand side of your screen, your Ruler is turned off. To turn the Ruler on, simply click on the Ruler icon in the second-level toolbar at the top of the page.

Click on the Snap to Guide button in the second-level toolbar to activate Snap to Guide.

Once this is active, you can drag an item on the page and when it gets close to the ruler guide, it will automatically “snap to” that ruler guide so that it aligns with it.

If you wish to turn Snap to Guide off, just click the Snap to Guide button again.

The second way to easily line up an item is to use the Snap to Grid feature that enables you to snap page items to pre-determined grid lines when the items are being dragged around. To turn the Snap to Grid feature on, click on the Snap to Grid button in the second-level toolbar.

The grid that appears on the page cannot be altered and will not print—its sole purpose is to help users effectively line up their items in their desired locations.

The third way to accurately align and place items is to manually specify the exact position of an item by typing a value into the X or Y Coordinate boxes in the second-level tool bar.

This will enable you to set the picture’s position so that the upper-left corner of the image will start at the X and Y position you specify.