How Do I Crop A Photo So That Only Part Of The Photo Appears On The Page?

To crop a photo, select it and click on the Crop tool.  Depending on the preferences you’ve set, the box may turn either yellow or blue.  By default, the selection box around the image will turn blue, which means that the Crop tool is in image mode.  You can also activate the Crop tool by double-clicking on the image.

From here, you can enlarge, reduce or zoom in on the image so that only part of it appears on the page.  In this mode, the photo box will not resize at all.  You can also position which part of the image displays within the photo box by clicking on the photo and dragging within the photo box.
If you would like to reduce the overall size of the image, double-click on the image until the selection box turns yellow, which means that the Crop tool is in box mode.

From here, you can reduce, enlarge or change the shape of the photo box to view different parts of the image.

You can also adjust where the photo box is positioned on the image while leaving the image unmoved.