How Do I Change a User’s Password or Permissions?

If you wish to change your own information, click on the My Account button in the upper right corner of the screen.

My Account in Pictavo



Here you can change how your name appears or change your password.  To change the information, simply enter in the correct information and press Save.

Changing Your Name and Password in Pictavo







To change the information for another user, you must first be logged in as the Admin for your book since only the book’s Admin can change passwords or information for users.  If you do not see Admin in the top-level toolbar, shown in the screenshot below, then you are not logged in as the Admin.

Using the Admin to Change Passwords and Account Information for Other Users





Once you are logged in as the Admin, click on Admin in the top-level toolbar.  You will be brought immediately to the User/Group Permissions tab where you can make these changes.

Changing User and Group Permissions in Pictavo




To start, click on the arrow to expand the group that the user is in.  If you do not know which group the user is in, begin by looking in the Unassigned group, as that is where users are automatically placed if they are not already assigned to a group.

Changing User and Group Permissions in Pictavo Yearbook Software




To make changes to a user account, click on Edit for the user you wish to change.

Making Changes to the User Accounts in Pictavo




Make any changes that you wish to make to the user’s information or permissions and then press Save when you are done.

Saving the User and Group Permission Changes in Pictavo