How Do I Bring An Image In Front Of Another Image Or Send An Image Behind Another?

There are four options for adjusting the way images overlap (or are layered) on top of each other.

  1. Bring Forward – This brings the selected image forward one level.
  2. Bring To Front – This brings the selected image to the top of all other images.
  3. Send Backward – This sends the selected image backward one level.
  4. Send to Back – This sends the selected image behind all other images.

Please note that each time an item is placed on a page, it creates a new layer, even if the item doesn’t overlap another item. Items are layered according to the order they were placed on the page. Therefore, if you have a lot of items on your page, you may want to use the Bring to Front (or Send to Back) features to quickly bring an item to the front (or back). Otherwise, you may need to send an item forward (or backward) many times to get through several layers, without physically seeing any change until it reaches the top (or bottom).

The buttons for all these options are located in the second-level toolbar.