How Do I Assign Users To Pages?

Users may be assigned to pages either one at a time or by using the Quick Assign Users feature to assign multiple pages to a user simultaneously.  To assign users to pages, you must first be logged in as the Admin since only the book’s Admin can assign users to pages.  If you do not see Admin in the top-level toolbar, shown in the screenshot below, then you are not logged in as the Admin.

Quick Assign Users Feature on Pictavo





Once you are logged in as the Admin, click on the Ladder in the top-level toolbar.

Ladder in Pictavo




From here, you may assign page permissions page-by-page by clicking on the Assign Users or Assign Groups buttons on the left side.

Assiging Page Permissions Page by Page for Users or Groups in Pictavo





This will open the assignment screen. Choose which users or groups you would like assigned to each particular page and then click Save.

Assign Users or Groups to Particular Pages in Pictavo




If you wish to assign users to multiple pages simultaneously, click on the Quick Assign Users button in the second-level toolbar of the Ladder.

Assign Users to Multiple Pages Simultaneously Using The Quick Assign Users Feature in Pictavo




This will bring up the Quick Assign window where you can assign multiple pages to a user or group quickly.  Once you have assigned all the users or groups to whatever pages you would like, click Save.

Quick Assign Window in Pictavo for Assigning Multiple Pages to a User or Group






Please note that you do not have to press Save after each individual user or group is assigned. They can all be saved at once after all of the assignments are done.