How Do I Add A Photo Box To A Page?

A photo box is a designated box that you will later drop a photo into. Users often find it convenient to first draw photo boxes on their page so they can design their layout, and then drop photos into each photo box so that the photos will automatically fit to the dimensions of the photo box (and then they can crop and size the photo from there).

Please note that it is not necessary to add a photo box to a page before adding an image, however.  If you drag and drop an image onto the page, whether a candid or clipart, a photo box will automatically be created and sized to the maximum dimensions of the image.

If you wish to add a photo box, click on the Photo Box palette on the left side of the screen.

Choose the photo box shape you would like and then click on it. This will change your cursor into the Photo Box tool.

Click on the page and draw a photo box to your desired size.

This will place a photo box on the page at the size you’ve drawn.  From here, your cursor will turn back into the regular cursor.  If you wish your cursor to remain the Photo Box tool so you can easily draw multiple photo boxes of the same shape without having to repeat the process of selecting the Photo Box tool, just double-click on the shape you would like the photo boxes to be and continue drawing one photo box immediately after another.