How Do I Add A Background To A Page?

Click on the Backgrounds palette in the left vertical toolbar.

Backgrounds Palette In Pictavo
















All backgrounds will immediately be in view. Please note that backgrounds are available in two-page or single-page designs. Click on the arrow to more easily find either Stock Backgrounds (available from your Publisher) or Custom Backgrounds (that have been created by another yearbook staff member).

All Backgrounds Folder In Pictavo















Notice how Stock Backgrounds have several folders of art. Scroll down the list and click on the desired folder to see all the backgrounds contained in it. Once you’ve found a background you’re interested in using, simply click, drag and drop it onto the page.

Stock Yearbook Backgrounds In Pictavo















NOTE: A two-page background that is added to a single page will only retain the aspects of the corresponding page in the two-page design. For example, a two-page background placed on a left-hand page will only apply the left-hand side of the design to the page. Similarly, a two-page background placed on a right-hand page will only apply the right-hand side of the design to the page.

Note:  Backgrounds will always appear behind all other items on the page.